New research recently surfaced that shows that PirateBay contains about 25% fake files. These are likely files containing advertisements or just dead files, and they are most often uploaded by anti-piracy companies who are trying to make illegal downloading more trouble than its worth, such as MediaDefender or Redfour Group. Or maybe just the GUVUMENT themselves!
Their hope is that by flooding the peer-to-peer networks with bogus garbage files, it will help to make illegal downloading a thing of the past. This is nothing new, but having the research to make more apparent the high frequency of fake files, the 25% is downright startling.
Software happens to be the most common type of file uploaded by these anti-piracy companies, and music is ranked rather low. Movies rank second.
Fortunately for P2P users, a large portion of these files are quickly removed or have low seeds. That’s no surprise. When one users finds a bad file he comments and reports it accordingly, so it is removed and not widespread into affecting quality content. As well, P2P portals ban IP addresses that have uploaded a noted fake file, and ban accounts who are known to upload fake content.
It is also researched that 1 out of every 4 downloads from the famous torrent site The Pirate Bay end up being flawed in some way, though there is no specific data on which of these come from anti-piracy companies or from simple criminal activity. But this number sure is coming dangerously close to making Pirate Bay an obsolete venture into download hell.
As far as music goes, there are plenty of ways to obtain it free outside torrents. If you are looking for free music, I always suggest using mediafire or even the search engine UVRX to find what you’re looking for. But also keep in mind that if you enjoy what you hear, support the artist by buying directly from their site or going to the show.